Service Updates through Twitter

Bus Service Cancellation (due to weather or otherwise)

COAST very rarely cancels bus service due to weather. However, you should expect some delays in poor conditions.

The best way to find out if the buses are running on schedule is to call COAST and listen to the recorded greeting.

During inclement weather, we will update our phone greeting with the status of service. Please LISTEN to the whole message before dialing for dispatch. Your question will probably be answered right away. Our phone number is (603)-743-5777.

Information about COAST's Twitter Feed

Twitter is one way you can get information about the status of the bus you need without having to call. If you already know about Twitter, you should read below about how COAST will use Twitter. If you don't know what we're talking about, read on.

What is Twitter?

Basically, it's a way for someone to get information out to a bunch of people. However, we're only able to write 140 characters (letters and spaces). Imagine reading a newspaper but each story in the paper is only a couple of sentences.

What does this have to do with the bus?

We're using Twitter to provide up-to-the-minute updates on our bus service. We can "tweet" (that means posting an update) within a couple of minutes if a bus is delayed, and we can tweet again when the bus is back on time. This can help passengers plan ahead.

How does this help if I'm waiting at a bus stop?

You can set Twitter up to send a text message to your cell phone when COAST updates. That way, if the bus is delayed while you're standing at the bus stop waiting, you'll have some info about when the bus should be coming.

To do this, you'll need your own Twitter account, which doesn't cost anything. Receiving text messages will cost you however much your cell carrier charges, but Twitter doesn't add any fees.


When will COAST update to Twitter?

Because we have limited resources at COAST, we cannot guarantee tweets about service interruptions.

Currently we can only reliably tweet during our main dispatch hours, from about 6am to 7pm Monday through Friday. Any other time that service is running, we cannot guarantee any tweets.

In other words: Do not depend solely on our Twitter feed for information about service. As always, our normal rules stand: you must wait for the bus at the scheduled time.

What We'll Tweet About

  • COAST will tweet about service interruptions, like delays from traffic, bus breakdowns, or weather.
  • We will not tweet about buses that are less than 10-15 minutes late. Our drivers contact dispatch as a rule when they are more than 10 minutes late.
  • We will follow up with information when a bus is back on schedule.
  • We might also tweet about non-service related COAST news, such as significant upcoming events, or website updates. We will keep our non-service-related tweets to a minimum.

When to Expect Delays

We are most often delayed in the afternoons around 3 to 5pm, especially on Fridays. We understand this is very frustrating for bus users, but unfortunately heavy traffic is beyond our control. Please be patient - our drivers are doing the best they can for you.

Don't Take Risks Based on Our Updates

It's good to know how much longer you'll have to wait for a bus, but we don't suggest that you leave the bus stop if we say the bus is late. Sometimes when a bus is leaving late, we'll send another bus out somewhere else to help catch up. We'll try to tweet info about that when we can.

What We Don't Do

Twitter is a social network, meaning people can tweet at each other, send private messages, and so on. The COAST twitter feed will not

  • Follow other Twitter accounts
  • Reply to others' tweets
  • Send direct messages
  • Respond to direct messages received

If you want to get in touch with COAST, we recommend you email us at, or give us a phone call (603-743-5777).

On our Twitter page, anyone can see which users follow @coastbus. We claim no responsibility for who is following us. We claim no affiliation with who they are or what they represent, nor do we necessarily endorse anything they post.

How to take advantage of our service updates on Twitter

  1. You can follow our feed just by checking our website front page
  2. You can also just check out our Twitter page:
  3. Create your own Twitter account, and set it up to follow @coastbus
  4. Once you have a Twitter account, you can go to your settings and turn on "mobile updates". Put in your cell phone number. Then go to "followers" and choose to receive mobile updates from @coastbus. Twitter will then send your phone a text message when COAST updates. Remember, your phone carrier may charge you per text message, depending on your cell phone plan. (See the Twitter FAQ about using your phone).