Our Vehicles

COAST mechanic hard at work inside the engine compartment of a 2008 Gillig.COAST proudly maintains a fleet of 40+ vehicles. We employ three full-time mechanics to keep our fleet operating in prime condition. Our vehicles are safe, reliable, modern, and clean. Through our maintenance program we have been able to reduce maintenance-related delays to a very seldom occurrence.  All passenger-carrying vehicles (buses, minibuses and accessible minivans) are ADA compliant.  Our vehicles are cleaned and fueled by a dedicated crew of part-time Utility Cleaners at our operations facility.   Each vehicle receives an exterior wash and interior cleaning daily.

Many of our vehicles run on B10 Biodiesel fuel, including all of our full-sized buses.

Buses and Trolleys

Most of our regular bus fleet consists of 30', 35' or 40' heavy-duty buses built by Gillig.  Five are specially-designed trolley replicas which we currently operate on our Portsmouth-Pease Trolley routes.

Our Gillig Low Floor buses are the backbone of the fleet.  Ranging in manufacture from 2008 to 2016, they are modern single-step entry buses which each accommodate up to 2 wheelchairs.  Seating capacity ranges from 26-38 passengers, with standing room for up to 80+ total in the larger buses.

Our trolleys are three 2011 and two 2012 35' Gillig Low Floor buses modified with trolley stylings and features.  Each trolley seats 31 passengers with standing room for up to 75+.

We currently operate 4 previously-used buses in our fleet.   Two are 1995 40' New Flyer buses with rebuilt engines, which were previously operated by Orange County Transit Authority in California. These buses were purchased in 2012 to ensure COAST had enough capacity for expanding commuter-period service.  The New Flyers have 37 seats with standing room for up to 80 passengers.  

COAST further expanded its commuter fleet in 2014 with the acquisition of two 2000 45' MCI commuter coaches previously operated by Concord Coach Lines. Operated exclusively on our Clipper Connection commuter express routes, each coach comfortably seats up to 55 passengers.

COAST's newest buses are three brand new 2016 Gillig Low Floor 40-foot buses, delivered in late August and now in active service (look for them on route 2!).  They are very similar to their 2008 counterparts.

COAST acquired two more used commuter coaches in October 2017 (one from Concord, one from C&J), which will replace the remaining New Flyers and allow the use of coaches for all three Clipper Connection routes.  They are nearly identical to the ones already operating.

Minibuses, Minivans and Utility Vehicles

In addition to the bus fleet, COAST owns and operates several smaller vehicles.

Six of our revenue service vehicles are minibuses (also called "cutaways"), identifiable by a bus body attached to a van chassis, varying in manufacture.  Our minibuses are generally used for ADA paratransit or fixed-route service.  They accommodate 2 mobility devices on board along with seating for 8-16 passengers. To supplement our growing ADA paratransit program, COAST took delivery of three brand new minibuses in June 2016.

COAST operates eight Dodge Caravan accessible minivans, which are our main ADA paratransit vehicles.  Each has a folding ramp and can accommodate a single mobility device along with seating for up to 3 additional passengers.  They vary in manufacture date from 2012-2017.  COAST took delivery of a new accessible van in October 2015, and three more new vans in 2017.

COAST also owns and maintains several "non-revenue service" vehicles.  Three are vehicles of differing manufacture used for miscellaneous tasks such as shuttling drivers and doing utility work.  The other is a shop truck for breakdown response and on-road service calls and repairs.

COAST trolley #1103 shortly after being delivered