Service Changes Beginning December 31st

Monday, November 26, 2012

Beginning December 31st, 2012, some service changes will be made to routes 2, 33, Trolley, the "FastTrans Commuter Connector", and the Clipper Connection express services. The majority of these changes are minor scheduling adjustments of only a few minutes. Passengers should remember that it is always good practice to be out at your bus stop a few minutes before the published time. The new brochure for the main system (including routes 1-7, 33, and Trolleys) will be available in print and online in mid-December.

For Route 2, the following changes are being made:

- The first southbound (5:25am from Lilac Mall) now follows normal route between Fox Run and Market Square, arriving in Portsmouth at 6:36am.
- The schedule for southbound runs between Dover Transportation and the Fox Run Mall from 7am through 8:30am was adjusted slightly; these four runs depart the Dover Transportation Center a few minutes earlier and allow more time for the bus to reach the Mall on schedule.
- The 5:25pm northbound from Market Square now begins from Kittery at the Navy Yard gate 1 at 5:10pm before going to Market Square and continuing the normal route. This connection is being made to provide a later pickup for employees at the Navy Yard who live in Portsmouth or Dover.
- The 8:25pm southbound from Rochester has been retimed south of downtown all the way to Dover. The timing was tightened slightly so that the bus arrives in Dover by 8:58pm.

The schedule pamphlets and website table updates will be available in mid-December.

Route 33 will include some adjustments to timing:

- Pickup times outbound at the Children’s Museum were pulled back about two minutes throughout the day to better reflect actual travel time from the Transportation Center to the Museum stop when there is little or no traffic.
- The 4:35pm and 5:35pm will now start at 4:30pm and 5:30pm.
- The 4:30 and 5:30 runs will make scheduled pickups at 100 and 150 Liberty, no call-in necessary. All other times remain on-call!

The schedule pamphlets and website table updates will be available in mid-December.

Two new runs are being added to the Lafayette Trolley:

- A 6:00am express round-trip will be added, which should reach Hillcrest Estates at about 6:12am. When returning inbound to Market Square, the run will continue on to Kittery at the Navy Yard for approximately 6:38am. It will then return to Market Square for the 6:50 Pease outbound. This run will NOT serve Market Basket, West Road, the Community Campus, or Wal-Mart.
- A 3:50pm Lafayette was added, which will begin at the Navy Yard in Kittery at 3:40pm. It will depart promptly for the 3:50 departure from Market Square. The Lafayette portion of this run is currently programmed to serve all stops. If the timing becomes too tight due to traffic, COAST may make adjustments to make it express like its 6am counterpart. If this change is made, it will be announced as early as possible.
- No other changes are being made to the Trolleys at this time.

The schedule pamphlets and website table updates will be available in mid-December.

The FastTrans Commuter Connector is now officially renamed Route 34-35, and the schedule is being enhanced slightly within the timeframe it is currently operating:

- There will now be two and a half round-trips made in the morning. Inbound at 6:36am, 7:36am, and 8:26am. Outbound at 7:05am and 8:05am.
- There will now be two round-trips made in the evening. Inbound at 4:54pm and 5:44pm, outbound at 5:12pm and 6:12pm.
- Previously, the Commuter Connector was only available inbound in the morning and outbound in the evening. Riders can now use the service to make short trips in and out of town in the morning or evening. The runs are still timed to connect with routes 1, 2, and 33 at the Transportation Center.
- The change in schedule will now allow eligible ADA clients to schedule trips within the timeframes of 6:00am to 9:30am, or 4:30pm to 7:15pm.

See the new Route 34-35 brochure for the schedule beginning December 31st, 2012.

The Clipper Connection services are undergoing numerous changes to improve the service for Rochester residents:

- The Rochester and Dover Clipper routes are being split into two separate routes: Route 101 Dover, and Route 103 Rochester.
- The Route 101 will return to its original route, starting on NH155 before proceeding to Shaw's. All stops and timing remain approximately the same.
- The new Route 103 will begin at Rochester City Hall. Service at Market Basket has been discontinued. The run will begin downtown at 5:58am, pickup at Lowe's plaza at 6:05am, and arrive at the Navy Yard at 6:35am.  The second run of Route 103 remains as an express run to the Pease Tradeport, departing Rochester City Hall at 7:13am, Lowe's at 7:20am, and serving stops around Pease between 7:50 and 7:55am.
- The afternoon service for Route 103 picks up at PNSY Gate 1 at 3:45pm, and again at 5:05pm. The 5:05 also runs through the Pease Tradeport between 5:21 and 5:26pm.

- The Route 100 (Somersworth/Berwicks) will now continue in the morning from Kittery to Market Square for 6:50am, providing an express service from Somersworth and the Berwicks to Portsmouth for the same price one would have to use Route 1 and 2, in half the time with no transfer.
- The Route 100 in the afternoon will pick up at Market Square at 3:30pm, and then PNSY at 3:45pm.
- A second run of Route 100 will begin at 4:55pm at Market Square, and from PNSY at 5:10pm. This run will replace Route 102.

- Route 102 is being discontinued. Riders after 5pm heading to Portsmouth or Dover can take a new Route 2N, which will pick up at 5:10pm from Gate 1, and then head to Market Square for 5:25pm. It arrives in Dover around 6:05. Riders heading to Portsmouth can transfer at Market Square to either the Pease or Lafayette Trolleys.

See the new Clipper Connection brochure for the schedule beginning December 31st, 2012, containing all three routes. This brochure will be available in print on board the buses in early December.