Route 101 Stop Closures (effective 11/20/17)

Thursday, November 2, 2017
In order to improve service by reducing ride times for our customers, and in response to under-utilization at these specific stops, the following stops will no longer be serviced by Clipper Connection Route 101:
Morning Stop Closures:
-  Chestnut St./Lincoln St.
-  Dover Transportation Center
-  Chestnut @ Riverview Apartments (Post Office)
Afternoon Stop Closures:
-  Washington St./ Central Ave.
-  Chestnut St./ Orchard St. (Cocheco Park)
-  Dover Transportation Center
-  Third St./ Central Ave.
New Stop Openings:
-  Main St. (Janetos)
-  Washington St. (Children’s Museum)
Change effective: November 20, 2017 (last day stops served by Route 101 is 11/17/17).
There is no change in service to these stops by Routes 1, 2, or 33.