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COAST services

COAST provides public bus service in the Seacoast New Hampshire region. We provide the services listed on the schedules & maps page.

COAST does not provide any charter service, service to Boston, Manchester, Concord, or other places that are not found on the schedules page. For those services, you may find more information through our web links.

In addition to our scheduled bus routes, COAST also provides paratransit services within 3/4 mile of the bus routes.

For residents in the rural areas north of Rochester, we provide a reservation-based service once-per-week into Rochester for shopping. This service is called the Community Rides North Bus.


First time riders may want to check out these pages for help:

  1. How to ride the bus! An easy to understand guide is provided for new riders.
  2. How to read bus schedules. You can also use Google Transit just like you would get directions for a car trip. You tell Google what Point A and Point B are, and it tells you how to get there using the bus, including schedules and walking distances to your nearest stop. Like magic! The Google Transit widget can be found on the left side of the page.
  3. How to pay for the bus (bus fares)


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