EEO Program

Posted on May 18, 2017.

The Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation (COAST) provides Demand Response, Commuter, and Fixed Route Transit services for 12 communities in Strafford and Rockingham Counties, New Hampshire, and York County, Maine.  Our mission is to champion and provide customer-focused public transportation with a commitment to excellence in safety and service.  We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of the community while exceeding customer expectations in a cost-effective and responsible manner.  COAST employees are professional, knowledgeable, and proud to serve our customers.  In the exercise of this Mission Statement we are committed to Equal Employment Opportunities throughout our organization.

COAST employees and applicants for employment are protected by federal laws, Presidential Executive Orders, and state and local laws designed to protect employees and job applicants from discrimination on the bases of race, ethnicity, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), marital status, parental status, national origin, age (40 years of age or over), disability (physical or mental), genetic information.  It is also COAST’s policy to prohibit discrimination based on political affiliation, military service, or any other non-merit based factors.  These protections extend to all management practices and decisions, including recruitment and hiring practices, appraisal systems, promotions, and training and career development programs.

Heather Hesse-Stromberg, Director of HR & Compliance, has been appointed to serve as COAST’s EEO Officer and will be responsible for ensuring that we comply with all EEO requirements and responsibilities. 

We are committed to an Affirmative Action Program, including goals and timetables, for good-faith efforts to achieve full utilization of minorities and women at all levels of COAST’s workforce where deficiencies may exist.  The successful achievement of EEO goals will provide benefits to COAST through fuller utilization and development of previously underutilized human resources.

All COAST Managers and Supervisors share in this responsibility and will be assigned specific tasks to assure compliance is achieved through understanding, communicating, and active involvement in the support of this policy.  Managers’ and Supervisors’ performance toward achieving measurable EEO outcomes is assessed during the annual review cycle in the same way as their performance on other COAST goals.

Applicants and employees have the right to file complaints alleging discrimination with the appropriate official(s).  All such reports will be thoroughly investigated.  No adverse action or retaliation will be taken or permitted against any employee who reports issues of workplace discrimination or harassment.