Clipper Connection Route 103

Effective Monday, July 27 Route 103 will begin servicing the existing Route 6 bus stops at North Main St./Cove Ct. (6N stop in the morning) and North Main/Pine Sts. (6S in the afternoon, drop-offs only).  The approximate times are listed in the schedule.

Route 103 - Rochester to/from Navy Yard

Schedules read from TOP to BOTTOM. Not sure what you're looking at? How to read the schedule.

Route 103 Southbound MONDAY - FRIDAY

Rochester to the Navy Yard

Days of Operation: M-F
Wakefield St. (Bank of America) 5:48a
Wakefield St. (Rochester City Hall) 5:48
North Main St./Cove Ct. 5:50
Rochester Park & Ride   5:55
Government St. (PNSY Gate 1)  6:25

Route 103 Northbound MONDAY - FRIDAY

Navy Yard to Rochester

Days of Operation: M-F
PNSY Building 86* 3:40p
All stops listed below are drop-off only
Rochester Park & Ride   4:20
North Main/Pine Sts. 4:25
Wakefield St. (Rochester City Hall)   4:27

*Afternoon service from downtown Portsmouth is available via the Clipper Connection trolley, which departs Market Square at 3:25 PM.  Connections will be made at the truck inspection area outside PNSY Gate 1.  All other Route 103 passengers must board at Building 86.

For "late" service to Rochester from the Navy Yard, Route 2N picks up outside of PNSY Gate 1 at 5:10 PM