Clipper Connection Route 101

Route 101 is our commuter express route connecting Dover to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

The morning bus originates on NH 155 (Knox Marsh Rd.) near the Lilac Garden apartment complex.  The bus services the existing Wildcat Transit stops at Westgate Village and Bellamy Common before heading directly to Shaw's plaza (pick up behind Friendly's).  From there, the bus picks up at existing 2S stops on Central Avenue as far as CVS, then proceeds directly to the Navy Yard.  The bus drops off near the Navy Yard on Government Street, just outside of Gate 1.

The afternoon bus picks up at the Navy Yard in front of Building 86 at 3:40 PM.  From there, the bus proceeds directly to Dover with drop-offs starting at Pine Hill Cemetery across from CVS.  The bus drops off at select stops along Central Avenue until reaching Shaw's plaza, then drops off on NH 155.

Connections to and from Portsmouth are available via Route 41cc, which picks up at the Navy Yard at 6:38 AM and returns there from Market Square at 3:25 PM.

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Route 101 - Dover to/from Navy Yard

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Please note: Several stop closures took effect on November 20, 2017.  Click on the "Bus Stop List" tab for an updated stop listing.

Route 101 Southbound MONDAY - FRIDAY

Dover to Navy Yard

Days of Operation: M-F
Knox Marsh Rd. (Lilac Garden) 5:51a
Central Ave. (Friendly's/Shaw's Plaza)   6:01
Central Ave. (CVS Pharmacy)   6:12
Government St. (Wallingford Square)*  6:36

*Continuing service to Portsmouth and Pease Tradeport is available via Route 41cc (Lafayette Road Trolley), which departs from Kittery at 6:38 AM, drops off at Market Square, then continues on at 6:50 AM as Route 40 (Pease Trolley).  See our trolley schedules for more information.

Route 101 Northbound MONDAY - FRIDAY

Navy Yard to Dover

Days of Operation: M-F
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard - Building 86* 3:40p
All stops below are drop-off only.
Central Ave. (Pine Hill Cemetery)   4:12
Central Ave. (Friendly's/Shaw's Plaza)   4:28
Knox Marsh Rd. (Lilac Garden) 4:40

*Afternoon service from downtown Portsmouth is available via the Clipper Connection trolley, which departs Market Square at 3:25 PM.  Connections will be made at the truck inspection area outside of PNSY Gate 1.  All other Route 101 passengers must board at Building 86.