Route 7

Information about Major Service Changes:

On Monday June 29, 2015 Route 7 underwent a major service change.  The route has been redesigned to help residents affordably access area shopping, medical, social and recreational services with available funding from the towns of Newmarket and Exeter.  Route 7 now runs hourly service between Newmarket and Exeter on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Service begins just after 9:30 AM and runs until just after 5:00 PM.

For continuing service to Durham, Newington, Portsmouth, Pease Tradeport, Dover or elsewhere, timely connections to Wildcat Transit Route 5 are available in Newmarket.  Please note that Wildcat Transit runs on a reduced schedule during UNH semester breaks, which limits our connection times.  For more information about Wildcat Transit's service, visit their website or call (603) 862-2328.

This major service change involves the addition of new stops as well as the removal and/or relocation of several existing stops.

Specifically, the route runs along Portsmouth Avenue, High and Water Streets into and out of downtown Exeter.  Service to the Green Hill / Jady Hill / Chestnut Street neighborhood has been discontinued.  The bus no longer services Hannaford plaza directly, but relocated bus stops are available on Portsmouth Avenue.  Other relocated bus stops are available near Exeter Commons (Rite-Aid), Walgreens and String Bridge - see the full bus stop listing for details.  Service to Exeter Hospital is now "on request" only.

New bus stops have been added on Linden Street at the Seacoast School of Technology and the new Exeter Area YMCA!

For the convenience of our passengers, we will continue to provide service to the Stratham Market Basket Plaza.  However, due to lack of town funding, all other stops in Stratham have been closed.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Service news:


Route 7 - Newmarket / Stratham / Exeter

Schedules read from TOP to BOTTOM. Not sure what you're looking at? How to read the schedule.

PLEASE NOTE:  Wildcat Transit is currently running on its reduced service schedule for the duration of UNH's summer break.  Therefore, connections to route 5 will only be available on runs arriving at the Newmarket Gazebo at 11:36am, 12:37pm and 5:09pm.


Days of Operation: M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th
Main St. (Downtown Gazebo)Connection 9:34a 10:39a 11:40a 12:41p 2:01p 3:02p 4:08p
Beech St. Ext./Elm St. 9:36 10:41 11:42 12:43 2:03 3:04 4:10
Exeter Rd./Bennett Way (Irving) 9:39 10:44 11:45 12:46 2:06 3:07 4:13
Portsmouth Ave. (Market Basket Plaza) 9:47 10:52 11:53 12:54 2:14 3:15 4:21
Portsmouth Ave./Alumni Dr. 9:51 10:56 11:57 12:58 2:18 3:19 4:25
Water St./String Bridge (Exeter Bandstand) 9:53 10:58 11:59 1:00 2:20 3:21 4:27
Lincoln St. (Exeter Train Station)Connection 9:58 11:03 12:04p 1:05 2:25 3:26 4:32


Days of Operation: M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th M, W, Th
Lincoln St. (Exeter Train Station)Connection 10:05a 11:06a 12:07p 1:36p 2:28p 3:32p 4:39p
Linden St. (SST/YMCA) ** ** ** *A ** ** **
Linden St. (Deep Meadow Variety) 10:10 11:11 12:12 *A 2:33 3:37 4:44
Front St. (Exeter Inn) 10:13 11:14 12:15 1:37 2:36 3:40 4:47
Front St. (Exeter Bandstand) 10:15 11:16 12:17 1:39 2:38 3:42 4:49
Portsmouth Ave./Alumni Dr. (Exeter Commons) 10:19 11:20 12:21 1:43 2:42 3:46 4:53
Portsmouth Ave. (Market Basket Plaza) 10:24 11:25 12:26 1:48 2:47 3:51 4:58
Exeter Rd. (McDonald's) 10:33 11:34 12:35 1:57 2:56 4:00 5:07
Main St. (Downtown Gazebo)Connection 10:35 11:36 12:37 1:59 2:58 4:02 5:09
*A This run does not service the stops on Linden St.  The closest available stop is at the Exeter Inn.
** The stops at SST/YMCA and Gary Lane will be closed throughout the duration of construction on Linden St.  We anticipate resuming normal service by the end of October.