Route 6

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Route 6 - Farmington / Rochester

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Please note that Route 6 does not operate on Saturdays. 

Route 6 Southbound (6S) MONDAY - FRIDAY

Rochester via Walmart

Days of Operation:   M-F M-F M-F M-F M-F M-F M-F M-F M-F
Main St. (Old Fire Station)   5:50a 6:50a 8:45a 9:55a 11:05a   12:55p 4:20p 5:30p
NH 11 (Wal-Mart)   6:04 7:05 9:00 10:10 11:20   1:10 4:35 5:45
Lilac MallConnection   6:19 7:20 9:15 10:25 11:35* 12:20p 1:25 4:50 6:00
Milton Rd. (Market Basket)   6:24 7:25 9:20 10:30 11:40** 12:25 1:30 4:55 6:05

* On request (and if time allows), this 6S run will divert to South Main St. (Friendly's) to make connections with the 2S departing Lilac Mall at 11:25 AM. Connections at all other times will be made at the Lilac Mall, or at stops on Wakefield Street as necessary.

** 6S arriving at Market Basket at 11:40 AM ends service; it does not continue on as 6N.

Route 6 Northbound (6N) MONDAY - FRIDAY

Farmington via Walmart

Days of Operation: M-F M-F M-F M-F M-F M-F M-F M-F
Milton Rd. (Market Basket) 6:26a 7:30a 9:26a 10:36a 12:26p 1:36p 5:00p 6:06p
NH 11 (Wal-Mart) 6:42 7:47 9:43 10:53 12:43 1:53 5:17 6:23
Main St. (Old Fire Station) 6:49 7:58 9:54 11:04 12:54 2:04 5:28 6:34

On request, connections may be made (if time allows) to 2S on northbound runs departing from Market Basket at 6:26 AM, 9:26 AM, and 12:26 PM only.  These connections will be made at Wakefield St. (Spaulding High School).

Highlighted runs (departing from Wal-Mart at 7:47 AM, 1:53 AM and 6:23 PM), after passing the Farmington Irving station, will service the stops at Rite-Aid, Trotting Park, Central Street and Old Courthouse before arriving at the Old Fire Station, instead of in the normal order.  These runs do not continue on as 6S.

Except as noted, 6S continues on from Market Basket as 6N, and 6N continues on from the Old Farmington Fire Station as 6S.