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Job Information

Bus Operators
Mar 22, 2011
Oct 13, 2017

Job Title: BUS OPERATOR                                                                                     Job Type: Full Time and Part Time


Job Description:

Under close supervision, transport passengers from one place to another on public transit buses in the COAST service area. Positions in this job classification are considered safety sensitive and are subject to drug testing, including random drug screens, in accordance with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Drug and Alcohol regulations.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Drive regular routes on a schedule.
  • Perform a complete pre-trip/post-trip inspection of bus.
  • Drive through traffic and obey traffic laws.
  • Deal with unruly passengers.
  • Stop frequently, often only a few blocks apart and when a passenger requests a stop.
  • Collect fares and sell punch tickets.
  • Answer questions about schedules, routes, and transfer points.
  • Report accidents or other traffic disruptions to a central dispatcher, and follow directions when using an alternate route.
  • Assist passengers with disabilities.
  • Keep passengers informed of delays.
  • Attend employee meetings; including safety, training, retraining, etc., as required.


Position Requirements:

·       Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) B or A

·       Air Brakes

·       No Passenger Endorsement? No problem! COAST will assist eligible hires to receive their Passenger Endorsement.  


Full Time Benefits:

- Starting Salary: $15.00/hour

- Medical Insurance

- Dental Insurance

- Life Insurance

- Short-term Disability

- Healthcare Flexible Spending Account

- Uniform Allowance

- SIMPLE IRA with a COAST match of up to 3% of annual salary

- 26 Days of Paid Time Off in the first year 



Part-Time Benefits:

·         SIMPLE IRA with a COAST match of up to 3% of annual salary

·         Uniform Allowance


To be considered, all applicants must complete a COAST application.