Peak Period Schedule Improvements

As part of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation's project to improve traffic capacity on the Spaulding Turnpike and rehabilitate the Little Bay Bridges, COAST and Wildcat Transit have been awarded grant funds to add service on public transit routes that will mitigate some of the traffic impact over the bridges between Dover and Newington. 

In 2012, schedules on route 2 and the Trolleys (40 & 41) were reconfigured to make vast improvements for daily commuters. With more options and more consistent service throughout the day, we're making the switch from your car to the bus even easier!  During commuter hours, buses on route 2 and Trolley (40 & 41) will run every half-hour.

Route 2 south heading towards Rochester to Portsmouth with a bicycle on the front rack.The NHDOT has agreed to fund five years of the expanded peak-period bus service as part of the Newington-Dover construction project. COAST hopes to take advantage of the vastly improved bus service over that five years to build support for its continued operation past year five. If the ridership supports keeping the added service, COAST will need significant additional financial support from the State and Federal governments, and communities that are served by the bus routes.

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Service to East Rochester

All of the additional runs of route 2 gave COAST a unique opportunity to extend service into East Rochester on certain runs. The community of East Rochester has been requesting COAST to extend bus service for many years and we are excited to be able to do so. The service into East Rochester is a direct extension of the route 2 bus line.

The trips are scheduled around commuter hours which may work best for people working day-shifts anywhere between Rochester and Portsmouth.

SOUTHBOUND Departures from East Rochester to Portsmouth

Departs East Rochester Departs Lilac Mall Departs Dover Shaw's Departs Dover Trans. Ctr. Departs Fox Run Mall Arrives at Market Square
5:40 AM 5:55 AM 6:18 AM 6:27 AM 6:48 AM 7:06 AM
6:40 AM 6:55 AM 7:22 AM 7:32 AM 7:58 AM 8:17 AM
7:40 AM 7:55 AM 8:22 AM 8:32 AM 8:58 AM 9:17 AM
8:10 AM 8:25 AM 8:52 AM 9:05 AM 9:28 AM 9:47 AM

NORTHBOUND Departures from Portsmouth to East Rochester

Departs Market Square Departs Fox Run Mall Departs Dover Trans. Ctr. Departs Dover Shaw's Departs Lilac Mall Arrives in East Rochester
6:58 AM -* 7:25 AM 7:35 AM 7:57 AM 8:10 AM
3:28 PM 3:44 PM 4:08 PM 4:25 PM 4:47 PM 5:02 PM
4:28 PM 4:44 PM 5:08 PM 5:25 PM 5:47 PM 6:02 PM
5:28 PM** 5:44 PM 6:08 PM 6:25 PM 6:47 PM 7:02 PM
7:58 PM 8:14 PM 8:38 PM 8:55 PM 9:17 PM 9:27 PM

* The 6:58 AM northbound run does not service the Crossings, Fox Run Mall or Shattuck Way

** This run begins service at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at 5:10 PM before proceeding to Market Square (see Clipper Connection for more information)

Remember that these runs include local service! Although the route goes between East Rochester and Portsmouth, there are stops approximately every quarter-mile along the route through Rochester, Somersworth, Dover, and Newington. You can also make direct connections to other COAST bus routes, as well as Wildcat Transit routes 3 and 4.